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Who Has Seen the Wind? 3 CD Set

WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND?: Unleashing the New Pentecost

Setting the Record Straight

In this exciting new series, convert Michael Cumbie sets the record straight on living a Spirit-filled and authentically Catholic life. Rather than being a sacred skeptic or perpetual pessimist, Michael helps you to better understand and live what Catholics believe regarding the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. You’ll discover the rich theological foundations concerning the “supernatural, unseen power of God” as manifested in Sacred Scripture, especially in the Old Testament prophets and the Early Church.

Unfathomable Truths

The Holy Spirit is such a mystery to most Christians-both Protestant and Catholic alike that the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity has oftentimes been called “the most neglected member of the Godhead.” Yet when we tap into the unfathomable truths regarding the Spirit of God, our spiritual lives will be transformed as never before. The gifts, graces and miracles present in the first centuries of the Church can be ours today if we are truly faithful and fully attentive to God’s Word. This Bible study unpacks all the relevant passages describing the work of the Holy Spirit as properly understood by the Church. Mr. Cumbie also presents what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say regarding “the agent of God that is here for us now.” You’ll be amazed as you begin to more fully comprehend the incredible love between the Father and the Son made manifest in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

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