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Salvation: Confusion, Controversy, & Misconceptions 3 CD Set

What does it mean to “be saved”? How does the Catholic understanding of salvation differ from an evangelical or Protestant perspective? What misconceptions of misunderstandings need to be clarified so that we can “tear down the walls that divide the Body of Christ”?

Highlights of This Series:
  • Why God can not abandon us, but Christians certainly can abandon God
  • How misuse of free will can mean the loss of salvation
  • The true meaning of “soteriology” and how it relates to other areas of theology
  • Why the primary focus is not whether we are saved but how Christ saves us
  • How those fallen-away from Christ and His Church can easily fall into gross sin
  • Why we need to be continually sanctified by our growth in holiness
  • What makes the difference between having “firm confidence and hope” and “being assured” of salvation
  • The significance of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in light of salvation
  • Why no one can know with absolute certainty regarding their own salvation except in rare instances of direct revelation by God
  • How Martin Luther distorted the traditional teaching regarding justification
  • Why the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are the same God and so much more!
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