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The Micah Project - The Micah Project

The apologetics department of my ministry will be called “The Micah Project” because of the Old Testament prophet named Micah.
When the Nation of Israel became a divided kingdom (much like the Church today, Protestant and Catholic) there were certain prophets that gave God’s message to the Northern Kingdom and prophets who spoke for God to the Southern Kingdom. There was one prophet, however, who had a message from God for both kingdoms, that was the prophet Micah. I have some huge dreams and I believe God will send me plenty of partners to make these dreams come true. And like every other apostolate, I will have the privilege of depending on God’s people to help fund these endeavors. I will produce training materials such as CD’s, DVD’s, videos, training manuals along with curriculum guides and complete study guides. Again, I am depending on partner support to make all of this available.
I believe we stand on the threshold of the greatest time of evangelization the world has ever seen and we desperately need a Catholic voice not only in print and in seminar form, but on National Television.
Won't you please help me give birth to this fledgling vision so that, together, with the Holy Spirit, we might renew the face of the earth? If you are willing to send a financial gift in any amount, please make your check payable to, “The Micah Project” (a 501-C3 non profit tax deductible corporation). The ministry mailing address is, “The Micah Project”, P.O. Box 1224, Foley, AL 36536. Our office phone number is (270) 462-6066.
These are exciting days for our Church, a New Pope, a new ministry, a fresh vision for reaching our world with the “Catholic Gospel of Hope”. God is not dead, but very much alive among His people.