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How Then Shall We Worship?

Former Pentecostal Clergyman Reveals Why Changing the Liturgy Will Change Society.

Highlights of this Series:
Why society is doomed without the Holy Eucharist
How the Catholic Church is the “New Israel”
Why studying Sacred Scripture is not a Catholic or Protestant Thing—it is a Christian thing.
What it means to be “Rome-o-phobic”
Why the priest in his clerics is the icon of Christ to the world
The inestimable value of sacred signs and symbols
Why liturgy literally means “work of the people”
The five common substitutes for authentic worship
How Christians are called to become a “living sacrifice” of praise
Why ordained priests are intended to be “Jesus Jrs.”
How Fundamentalists view the origins of Roman Catholicism
Why bread and wine have always been the covenant meal of God
What Cardinal Newman meant when he said, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant."
And so much more

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